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Improv Groups together with IES Hässleholm

Every Thursday afternoon, a group of year 7 and 8 students meet, as THE IMPROV & ACTING CLUB.  
Here the students all workshop and create numerous improvised scenarios where their creativity and talent as actors is challenged.
Last week a group of students from IES Hässleholm visited our school and the two groups workshopped together to create some really fantastic and hilarious scenes!  The afternoon was a huge success and thoroughly enjoyed by both groups.We at IES Helsingborg hope that this inter-school workshopping can become a regular fixture on our calendar laugh

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Important Dates for Guardians/Students School Year 2019/2020

Week 23
5th June

End of term/Skolavslutning

Fall term 2019 August

15th & 16th Welcome talks grades new students only grades 4-9
19th Mentor day 08:30-14:00
20th Mentor day 08.30-14:00
21st Schedule starts

27th Parents evening (4-6)
28th Parents evening (7-9)


19th & 20th Development talks grades 4-9



Junior Club at Yoump Trampolin Park

On Thursday the 10th the Junior Club kids already knocked on the reception window at 7.30 in the morning just to make sure the staff at Junior Club were coming in. They were all excited about going to the Väla Yoump Trampolin Park. laugh

It was a succéss and everybody had a great time!

"The Wonderful Tale About Little Diana And Little John" performed by 7A

Klass 7A visade på stort engagemang och kreativitet när de framförde sin egenskrivna teaterpjäs fredagen den 26 april  "The wonderful tale about little Diana and little John". Tack alla för en fantastisk föreställning! Intäkterna bidrar till Lisebergsresan. 

Class 7A showed great commitment and creativity when they performed their own theater play on Friday, April 26, "The wonderful tale of little Diana and little John". Thank you all for a fantastic show! The proceeds contribute to the Liseberg trip.