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IES Helsingborg School Year 2021/2022

Autumn Term 2021
Monday 16th August - Friday 17th December

Autumn break
Monday 1st November - Friday 5th November (week 44)

Christmas break
Monday 20th December - Friday 7th January


Spring Term 2022
Monday 10th January - Friday 10th June 

Sports break
Monday 21st February - Friday 25th February (week 8)

Easter break
Monday 11th April - Monday 18th April


​​​​​​​Local in-service day dates to follow.



International Language Competition

International Language Competition

The MFL department has participated this year 2021 for the first time in the International Language Competition (IL). Twenty-four thousand students participated in it and IES Helsingborg has been awarded second place in Spanish and third place in German in the Helsingborg region.

The purpose of IL is to encourage students to read modern languages and increased their interest in acquiring knowledge about cultural aspects, history, and general relevant societal issues in the countries where the target language is spoken.

Rubik's Cube Competition

Rubik's Cube Competition

Today Mr Heier held the Rubik's Cube Competition for all staff and students to participate and have fun.

Two hours of fast paced action packed with fun and excitement saw a multitude of participants in all year groups.

Everybody had a great time and it was the perfect way to end the day before the students enjoy a long weekend!

Congratulations to the winners, who received their very own cube, based on the average of 5 solves:

1. Theo, 9C = 25.98 seconds 
2. Svante, 5C = 35.09 seconds
3. Aris, 5C = 36.48 seconds

Gardening Project

Gardening Project

This week Ms Tanguay started the gardening project in the schoolyard and the students were very excited about it and eager to help.

Big thanks to all those involved!