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Important dates 2021

IES Helsingborg school year 2020/2021


12th January (Week 2)
Study day
No school

13th January (Week 2)
First day of Spring Term
School starts

18th - 20th January (Week 3)
Development talks Year 4-9
The development talks will be between 13:00-16:30

8th February (Week 6)
Year 4 Parents eve

9th February (Week 6)
Year 5 Parents eve

10th February (Week 6)
Year 6 Parents eve

15th February (Week 7)
Year 7 Parents eve

16th February (Week 7)
Year 8 Parents eve

17th February (Week 7)
Year 9 Parents eve

22nd - 26th February (Week 8)

We offer afternoon snacks/mellis at IES Helsingborg!

IES Helsingborg offers afternoon snacks/mellis.

You can buy a punch ticket/klippkort with 10 meals on.

Mellis will be served from 14:00 - 15:00 in our lunch room.

You can purchase a punch card with Swish for 150 kr.

The Swish number is: 123 503 79 57

You must include your class, first- and last name in Swish or it will not be valid!

Card can be picked up from Ms Hamed's office



Student Work

Art Project Year 7 - "Portraits of Our World"

Art Project Year 7 - "Portraits of Our World"

Students used cardboard and 100% recycled / second-hand materials for this project about sustainability in art. Even the paint has been recycled and used again! 

Students researched a biome  of their choosing and made creative mind maps with information, came up with a message, made preliminary drawings to plan colours and imagery that could contribute to their message and then they used various materials to create their vision.