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Celebrating Pi Day at IES Helsingborg

Celebrating Pi Day at IES Helsingborg

Our students competed for the chance to “pie” a teacher to celebrate Pi Day!

The students that were able to recite pi to the largest number of decimal places won the chance to rub their success in a teacher’s face, literally.

See the video here.

Congratulations to Alexander Year 5 and Layal Year 9 for reciting the most decimals! 

Student Work

Art Project Year 7 - "Portraits of Our World"

Art Project Year 7 - "Portraits of Our World"

Students used cardboard and 100% recycled / second-hand materials for this project about sustainability in art. Even the paint has been recycled and used again! 

Students researched a biome  of their choosing and made creative mind maps with information, came up with a message, made preliminary drawings to plan colours and imagery that could contribute to their message and then they used various materials to create their vision.

Important dates 2021

IES Helsingborg school year 2020/2021


12th January (Week 2)
Study day
No school

13th January (Week 2)
First day of Spring Term
School starts

18th - 20th January (Week 3)
Development talks Year 4-9
The development talks will be between 13:00-16:30

8th February (Week 6)
Year 4 Parents eve

9th February (Week 6)
Year 5 Parents eve

10th February (Week 6)
Year 6 Parents eve

15th February (Week 7)
Year 7 Parents eve

16th February (Week 7)
Year 8 Parents eve

17th February (Week 7)
Year 9 Parents eve

22nd - 26th February (Week 8)