Greetings from Junior Club!


Myself and the other staff members from Junior Club Helsingborg are proud to say that our group of members are very creative, curious and eager to learn! They are currently a small group of around 20 children from year 4 and 5 and we can't wait to recruit more members in time.

Every day after school, they have two activities, one before snacktime and one after snacktime!

For example, right now they are making Christmas cards with Mr Hill and they are also working on a choral verse from the popular Christmas poem "Twas the night before Christmas" by  Clement Clarke Moore with Mrs Le Roux! The goal is to perform it on stage before Christmas break! Also, they recently had a project where they were supposed to create a Winter Wonderland in glass jars! The results are beautiful!

On tuesday this week, we visited "Fredriksdal Muséeum och Trädgårdar" here in Helsingborg, which is a botanical garden, cultural and historic site, where our members got to "travel back in time" to the 17th century Sweden. They were invited into a small cottage from the 17th century, and "Thea" a woman from that time who "lived" there invited us in to take part in the food preparations before Christmas. It was a fun and intresting activity where they learned about the traditions, routines and events from that time in an enthusiastic and theatrical way. 

Here are some pictures!

Hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Best Regards 

Junior Club Staff