Student Work

Art Project Year 7 - "Portraits of Our World"

Students used cardboard and 100% recycled / second-hand materials for this project about sustainability in art. Even the paint has been recycled and used again! 

Students researched a biome  of their choosing and made creative mind maps with information, came up with a message, made preliminary drawings to plan colours and imagery that could contribute to their message and then they used various materials to create their vision.

CHOICE SPRING 2020: Recreating Famous Artworks

Recreating famous artworks was just one of the many groups students could choose to be part of for Choice Spring 2020.  They worked in pairs and excelled themselves by creating some exceptional pieces! 

Baby Clothing project - Year 9 spring term 2014

  • Student
    Dresses made of worn out shirts in 100% cotton

Students made baby clothes from fabric from old clothes.
Old clothes we used:
# Jeans
# Shirts
# T-shirts

The project resulted in:
Dresses, bodys, trousers and one pieces that are going to be sent to an orphanage in Senegal, Africa.

Street Art

Year 9 has used stenciling techniques inspired by street art to create unique paintings.

The subject matter was completely their choice.